Våke – Darling (Spotify)

“A beautiful lyrical composition, which seems to speak with you on the bank of a tranquil river. Acoustic folk that creates the right mood and resonates with your soul. Just concentrate on the background violin melodies and its warm singing story.”

“Красивая лирическая композиция, которая словно говорит с вами на берегу у журчащей реки. Акустический фолк создаёт правильное настроение и резонирует с вашей душой. На фоне нежно напевает мелодия скрипок, а голос повествует добрую и тёплую историю.”



Våke is a Norwegian folk band, based in Oslo, that consists of Rannveig (vocals), Andreas (guitar) and Vårin (vocals and violin). They aspire to make unassuming, honest songs about things that matter. Their style is influenced by 70s folk and country, but they like to play around with different expressions.

Photos by Martin Halvorsen.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 13, 2021