“Baby, lets skip this day, not do anything today. Lets stay warm under our blanket, laid back to our sofa, enjoy a hot chocolate, and stare out of the window the city movement. We are together now. Itona with most beautiful beats and atmospheres becomes your favorite laid back theme for your hug moments. ”

A stunning piece of chillhop inspired downtempo electronica, (Baby) Just Let Me Know’s melodies wash over you like a wave of bliss.

Perfect for rest and reflection, the track features an R&B inspired vocal sample reminiscent of Drake at his most heartfelt – but with more intricate percussion driven production. This tune is set to gear Itona up for the stratosphere.

Itona is the new alias of James Vine, aka ENiGMA Dubz.

Meaning ito – love, na – summer in Japanese, the Itona project was inspired by the UK lockdown due to COVID-19. In response to these difficult times, James set about creating uplifting, dreamy and authentic electronic music to help people escape the difficulties, but still deep and thought provoking.

First outing, Dusty City, is a stunning piece of reflective downtempo lofi electronica, with a chillhop groove and sparse yet infectious vocal samples, that takes you on a dream-like journey as you float in a bubble of bliss.

Watch out for more from Itona, with a series of singles leading to his debut EP – Reverie – out later this year on UK independent label Morii Records.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 28, 2020

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