Jagger – I Go Crazy (Spotify)

“"Jagger" opens her artistic wings and invites us to fly with her debut single. Smooth, mesmerizing voice and lyrics perfectly matching with melody and rhythm. Listen and enjoy every single second of this Dream Pop candy.”


Jagger the velvety singer from deeply rooted beginnings in music brings what is seen as the centerpiece of music with a style that is reminiscent 70’s, but with a tone and approach unique to her. Every artist has a start that sparks love for music, and their story is what ultimately influences the art they create. Jagger was just 5 years old when she started singing. The first time she sang a Lady Gaga song for her grandma with a Hannah Montana wig, and pink toy microphone was the moment Jagger came to life as an artist. Singing became a daily occurrence, source of entertainment, and inspiration throughout her childhood summers.


Music was not only a source a joy, but also an escape from the judgement of her talents growing up. Irony is a word that paints a picture for the quiet girl who loved to sing in front of crowds. It made her feel that the inner most part of herself was able to be expressed. The songs she wrote, learning of instruments, and hours upon hours singing built into a beautifully interwoven story of how the stress of judgement and challenge of shyness unfolded into a splendid turn of events.


Fast forward to just a few short years ago Jagger began to write a series of songs with songwriters that have written for some of the biggest artists of our time, and turned these songs into magical productions with vocals that are hard to forget. Her approach brings a soft, calming nature to every song with nuances that lift the listeners ear to another realm. Being lost in the music is easy to do when listening to her upcoming song “I Go Crazy.” The song combines an etherial feeling track, soft yet expressive vocals, and lyrics that will be stuck in you head after hearing this song.


Reviewed by Nagamag on January 20, 2022