“Romantic music will always be successful in the hearts of everyone who is in love. The author’s attentive attitude to many details; Whether it is a good sound, soft rhythm or charming vocals -jay wires-, able to awaken the most callous and sleeping hearts. Music, which is able to cause the most sincere emotions within you.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Романтическая музыка всегда будет иметь успех в сердцах всех, кто влюблён. Внимательное отношение автора к множеству деталей; будь то хороший звук, мягкий ритм или очаровательный вокал -Jay Wires-, способный пробудить самые чёрствые и спящие сердца. Музыка, которая способна вызвать внутри вас самые искренние эмоции.”

‘Time And Space’ follows the debut Jay Wires single, ‘Candle In The Night’, and continues a story that began there. Filled with frank honesty, longing and unrequited caring, ‘Time And Space’ was written after an argument between Jay Wires and his ex-girlfriend. “We approached arguments differently,” he reflects. “My solution to arguments was always to talk things out as soon as possible in order to move past them, whereas hers was needing to be alone, taking time and space before coming back.” The song was written during one of those periods of post-argument separation.

In spite of its lyrical themes, ‘Time And Space’ highlights Jay Wires’ knack for creating towering, ascendant intricately-detailed electronic pop tracks, full of personal emotion and reference points. “The argument happened in December 2019,” remembers Jay Wires. “That month, we saw a live jazz band perform songs from the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas Special’ soundtrack in a hotel lounge in Williamsburg. For the instrumental break, I created the sound of brushed cymbals to capture the atmosphere of that performance.” ‘Time And Space’ concludes with a powerful, stirring, uplifting synth-orchestral segment, offering a fragile sense of optimism that this was just a temporary parting, not something more permanent.

‘Time And Space’ is the second song to be taken from the debut Jay Wires EP, ‘Kaboom!’.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 27, 2022

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