Johnny Chay, Drew Schueler – Constellation (Spotify)

“Awesome intro and powerful energy explosion in the middle, which fascinate and can cause addiction with each subsequent second. Driven by the mix, the same peak comes to awake and stimulate your emotions. High-quality EDM, offering a strong dose of adrenaline directly into your blood!”

“Потрясающее начало и мощный энергетический взрыв в середине, которые завораживают и с каждой последующей секундой осознаёшь, что тебе надо всё больше и больше и вдруг наступает тот самый пик, когда эмоции льются рекой и размывают берега! Качественный EDM, сильная доза адреналина прямо в кровь!”

‘Constellation’ was sort of written in the stars. But in a much more real sense, it was written by two strangers who met online. In search of a vocalist, LA based DJ / artist, Johnny Chay sent the initial production to Nashville pop artist Drew Schueler online. Schueler was immediately inspired by the emotion and depth of the instrumental and quickly started the writing process. "I literally tracked the last vocal sections for the song while on vacation in Hawaii", said Schueler. "The craziest part of it all was right after I finished tracking, I went on a stargazing excursion and got to see Saturn's rings and a handful of actual constellations through a professional telescope. Talk about crazy timing."

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 11, 2021