Jordane Tumarinson – Dieux et Démons (Spotify)

“We had visions of underwater forests of kelp and swarming creatures within every crevice. The enigmatic piano picked us up on our journey as we traverse the landscape. ”

A very passionate and prolific artist, french pianist and composer Jordane Tumarinson has produced no less than 5 original albums between 2018 and 2020 as well as numerous singles. His compositions are either misty, either rythmic, always refined and are met with great interest on streaming platforms early on without any particular communication or professional entourage. His title "Morphée" is a true success and surpasses 11M streams to date while his album "L'Envol" paved his way to european labels.

Forged around themes most important to him, Tumarinson's compositions are thought as coherent emotionnal storylines, navigating freely between neoclassical and romantic contemporary repertoire.

Highly influenced by nature in his life and in his art, Tumarinson also carries the ambitious "Uto'pians" project ; a compilation that aims to invite many composers around the world every year and which benefits non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental protection.

Now signed on the independent record label naïve, Tumarinson is expected to release his 6th album "Odyssée" in march 2022.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 2, 2021