WE ARE AVA – No More (Video)

“We fell in love with this full of life track. Liked the big room build ups and a voice to match the quality of the build. ”


2 minutes and 38 seconds of pure synth force – that’s what the power track No More promises. From beat one, the song describes the struggle with oneself and one’s own mind games, only to call out to the world with powerful hits in the chorus: «I don’t wanna fight this war no more. Everyday I try to let it go. I know that it’s all just in my head. So, I don’t wanna fight this war no more.» Questioning yourself, rethinking, not feeling like you belong. «So damn hard for me to be okay.» The complexity of the subject matter and its musical background was a great challenge for the band, which is why the three can look back on the process with all the more pride today.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 2, 2021