Josephine Philip – Little Boy

“Discover the multi-talented "Josephine Philip" via this intense single. A sentimental approach to Lo-fi Pop, with lyrics that hit directly inside your mind. The performance is quite poetic and it feels beyond this world too. Can you resist in this call?”

Josephine Philip releases fragile and poetic new single

Little Boy is the 4th single from Josephine Philip’s forthcoming solo album We Get Lost And Found. Out now on her label Midnight Confessions.

Little Boy fragile and poetic song about breaking free of the heavy chains of lost love. Releasing yourself from the sedated state of delusion. The composition reflects this state of mind; sometimes on the verge of collapse, returning with intention and hope, shuffling drums, hazy vocals, distorted guitars, and lyrics like a mantra for release.

Josephine Philip lives and works in Copenhagen. She is inspired by a wealth of artistic expression; choral works, contemporary art and performance, jazz standards, experimental music, film, literature and classical music, and uses this inspiration to tell her engaging tales and stories.

Philip released her debut single as a solo artist, Call My Name in May 2021 and her second The Clue in October 2021. Both songs have been in heavy rotation on Danish radio station P6 Beat and have been very warmly received on both Danish and foreign music media. In March 2022 she released her 3rd single No. 7.

The new album - We Get Lost And Found - is written and produced in collaboration with Copenhagen based producer and musician Lasse Martinussen and will be released in May 2022.

Josephine Philip was one half of the now defunct dynamic duo JaConfetti, was a founder of and served time in the all-female Ska outfit Favelachic and the dancefloor popular sound system Dullen & Dyken.

The singer crosses genres, having worked with several renowned producers including

co-writing and featuring in Christian Löffler’s ‘Running’ (which would appear in the Our Girl Series) and ‘The End’. As one half of the duo Darkness Falls, Josephine Philip has worked with Trentemøller, who acted as the producer for their EP and album. The duo also won a Robert prize (the Danish version of the Oscars) for Original Song of the Year for their contribution to the Danish film Shelley. During this time, they opened for the likes of The Shins and Yelle. Independently, Josephine has toured with Trentemøller

performing at major festivals such as Coachella and South by Southwest while earning support from publications such as Nothing But Hope And Passion, VENTS Magazine, Electronic Groove, and EDM Sauce.

She is also co-creator and one half of the performance duo Philip | Schneider - an experimental outfit with one foot rooted in sound and the other in visual arts. Formed in 2019 the ensemble has already performed some of the most influential Danish art institutions.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 2, 2022