Josephine Philip – The Clue (Spotify)

“Taken from Josephine's forthcoming album, this single has some Cinematic touch. A slightly melancholic story of love unfolds from the lyrics and the delicate singer's voice matches perfectly with the chilling background patterns.”

The Clue is a contemporary love song. It revolves around impossible love and the acceptance of it.

The track is also an homage to Nina Simone’s version of Billie Holiday’s song Don’t Explain.

Don’t Explain was written by Holliday in response to one of her husband’s affairs. When he tried to explain away why lipstick was on his collar, Simone responded disgustingly “Take a bath, man; don’t explain”.”

Philip’s The Clue is an inspirational tribute to the great women, their sound, storytelling and courage, that took to the microphone and stage before her - a driven, vulnerable, poetic and empowering track.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 16, 2021