“Cocoon the latest single release from songwriter Justin Goren is a dense chamber pop song with a multilayer arrangement of instruments embelished with unique soft vocals in a memorable melodic composition ”

Artist shared with us few words about this song:

"I wrote Cocoon while laying in a beachside hammock under the stars in 2015. I felt very safe as I gently swung along; Listening to the oceans waves ebbing and flowing along the shore, with a cool breeze to accompany. The song itself is about the safety you feel in a certain place, with a certain person - really it could be anything that makes you feel at ease. A safety net. But nets can break, and the safety is not always unconditional. Sometimes relying on that supposed safety can foster too much dependence, and that takes away from your own independence in feeling content. The song is kind of about that grey area."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
October 23, 2020

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