“All fans of talent -jynx- and the Electro Pop genre is strongly recommended! The track carefully and unobtrusively leads us from beginning to its logical conclusion, as if you are about an interesting story. A storyline is felt, which is very pleasant and easy to listen to and enjoy vocals!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Всем поклонникам таланта -Jynx- и жанра Electro Pop – настоятельно рекомендуется! Трек аккуратно и ненавязчиво ведёт нас от начала и до своего логического завершения, словно вам повествуют интересную историю. Ощущается сюжетная линия, слушать которую и наслаждаться вокалом очень приятно и легко!”


Artist said about this song:

"This is a Mistake is a song I made for people to feel that its okay to make mistakes and be yourself. This song is about knowing that you might be taking a big risk, or doing something crazy over and over, but its what makes you happy and brings you the most joy in life. Whether it be with love, traveling, work, or anything else, here's to all the people that make mistakes every day and for all the mistakes to come!"