Kramies, Patrick Carney, Jason Lytle – Days of (Spotify)

“-Kramies, Patrick Carney & Jason Lytle- created your sound. Interesting, original and possibly unique. Bright example of fresh ideas connecting Indie Folk & Dream Pop. Listen and find out the uniqueness in each sound!”

“-Kramies, Patrick Carney & Jason Lytle- создали своё звучание. Интересное, оригинальное и, возможно, неповторимое. Настоящий источник свежих идей, соединяющий indie folk & dream pop. Самобытность и уникальность в кажом звуке!”

“Days Of,” the first single off Kramies’ new self-titled EP, is the alluring and emotional centerpiece from this beautiful new constellation of songs. Produced by Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, “Days Of” also features Carney on drums and guitar as well as Jason Lytle of Grandaddy on synths.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 1, 2021