Kristine Bratlie – Under My Skin (Spotify)

“The voice of -Kristine Bratlie- is a real phenomenon. When she sings, it seems that her voice soars above the clouds. Her single -Under My Skin- is a real spiritual escape for listeners.”

“Голос -Kristine Bratlie- настоящий феномен. Когда она поёт, кажется, что её голос реет над облаками. Её сингл -Under My Skin- стал настоящим душевным убежищем всем поклонникам её творчества. ”

Under my skin is a singer songwriter love ballad. It`s expression is quiet but intense and longing, and is all about the deeper moment, the NOW that leaves you with all lights burned out and the power of devotion. The naked character through the acoustic use of instruments, piano, guitars and cello, deepens the expression even more.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 20, 2021