Llynks – Like You Said You Would

Llynks – Like You Said You Would (Spotify)

As an artist, Llynks aka Sara Kendall uses her haunting and introspective words to explore themes where she pushes through some of this self-doubt and gets to new highs of empowerment and self preservation. Musically, a saccharine voice and robust synths create undeniable melodies and moments that juxtapose the human connection with the noise and chatter of post-Millennial cyberpunk. Become the Root, her debut LP out June 19th, is the soundtrack for jaded e-girls and post-apocalyptic plaintives.

The gut-punching album closer “Like You Said You Would” is out today. Like much of the Llynks’ music, it has a decidedly visual element, with a distinct otherworldly/fantasy/sci-fi vibe, not unlike a favorite mixtape from a Ridley Scott replicant in Blade Runner.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 12, 2020

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