“Follow your music instict and you’ll find “Loi”. The Commercial sound that nobody should miss is already out. We just couldn’t resist in this exuberant voice and the strongly emotional lyrics. All revealing a high level of production.”

There are certain voices, that really make you listen and, if you aren’t already comfortably seated, simply knock you off of your feet. That is what you can expect when you let Loi into your ears for the first time. Be warned: you will want more.

Loi, also known as Leonie Greiner, has been impressing musical greats such as Sasha, Mark Forster, Ed Sheeran and Nena at the tender age of 14. Her powerful voice, dark tone and incredible range carried her into the final of „The Voice Kids“ 2017 and now at 18 is starting her own grand adventure in music.

Her debut single „I follow“, which will be available from April 2nd, 2021 has already convinced the makers of the successful Film-Saga „Ostwind“ to secure it as the title song for their newest movie adventure.

The dynamic ballad „I follow“ beautifully showcases Loi ́s impressive voice and incomparable emotional range, modulation easily included. The sparse instrumentation places Loi ́s voice in the foreground and she easily transforms the piece into a true pop hymn.

When asked about her intentions for the song Loi explains: „For me I follow is about music. I just follow the music. For others it can be a love song, intended for a loved one.“ With „I follow“ Loi has shown her love for music in the most impressive fashion. And this is just the beginning.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 17, 2021

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