“Luca Bluefire and Courtney Waldron deliver us an ambient neoclassical vocal theme with their latest signgle - Forgotten Heroes- under Long Gone Daya imprint. A dreamt emotive story which tickles your ear like a feather thanks to wonderful mix it offers. ”

Humanity's expansion and development is created by those who dare, those who
have the courage to go one step further, and show what is possible to the others.
But what about those who do so and fail or - even worse - die?
Are they a part of humanity's progress? Will they be remembered in history,
and from those who will benefit from their courage and their actions?

"Forgotten Heroes" is inspired by the great number of applicants to the project
"Mars One", a one-way ticket to Mars with no possibility of coming back.
People willing to leave their planet of origin to explore wider spaces,
even if that means a certain death in the unknown.


And you have waited for the stars
All our hopes they where out there
And you walked among satellites
Looking for something you couldn’t find

Black Holes are Here
Empty Spaces and Lost Souls
Black Hole, I’m here
Coming closer, drowning into

I can see the earth that spins away
while I inhale my last breath
do all forgotten heroes
away from home, die alone?

And all of what’s out there
Is hidden in here
Black Hole, I’m here
Coming closer, diving into

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 5, 2020

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