Lugovskiy – Raven’s Wings (Spotify)

“The feeling of flying over the city, in which colorful lights of night landscapes flicker one after another. The melody leads smoothly, the rhythm makes your breathing quicken and you cannot be stopped. Only you, only heaven and complete freedom. A real musical light for all those who are lost in the dark.”

“Ощущение полёта над городом, в котором один за другим мелькают разноцветные огни ночных пейзажей. Мелодия плавно ведёт за собой, ритм учащает дыхание и вас уже не остановить. Только вы, только небо и полная свобода. Настоящий музыкальный свет для всех тех, кто потерялся в темноте.”

Impressed by the sound of the raven's wings fluttering in the mountains of the Carpathians, the track Raven's Wings appeared. At the heart of the track are flowing pads, lead bassline accompanied with a strong drums throughout the track.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 22, 2021