Madison – Without You Tonight (Spotify)

“High quality song that remains in memory for a long time, leaving a bright flame in the soul. The sound arrangement is quite strong and also memorable. There is a special style that keeps you active and captures all your attention.”

“Очень качественная песня, которая остаётся в памяти надолго, оставляя в душе яркое пламя. Сильная аранжировка, насыщенная и запоминающаяся. Есть свой особенный стиль, который держит в напряжение и концентрирует на себе всё своё внимание.”

Australian pop singer-songwriter Madison shares her latest single ‘Without You Tonight’ out now on all streaming platforms.

‘Without You Tonight’ showcases Madison at her most vulnerable. She has used this single as a way to release her pent up emotions from previous toxic relationships to create a song that is beautifully relatable.

Talking about the single Madison says, “Being vulnerable, open and trusting isn’t something that comes easily to me, and feeling reliant on someone else makes me extremely uncomfortable. I wanted to challenge myself, to figure out why & maybe do some healing – what better way to do that than to write a damn song! & in the process of writing WYT, I became unafraid of those feelings. I’m a strong believer in just going for things in life, asking for what you want & taking a risk. And I think the best way to turn something into a power is to claim it and own it.

After toxic romantic situations in my past, I’d learned to be super nonchalant & hide my feelings. This song is me breaking down that wall & being honest. I’ll also say, there was definitely someone I had feelings for behind the inspo. At the end of the day, I just wanted to create a passionate & honest love song. You only live once. Be wild, open and honest when you’re in love.”

‘Without You Tonight’ came to life in Madison’s home studio in Canberra. She wrote, recorded and arranged the demo of the track there herself. In the intimate and cosy studio, she spent hours deep into the night laying down the melody and lyrics and layering harmonies for the song. It was one of several demos in a playlist of ideas she sent to producer Oliver Lundstrom to work on, and they both felt this track would be the perfect track to introduce Madison to the world.

Up-and-coming Australian Pop sensation Madison is ready to bewitch you with her enchantingly powerful voice, and a wicked skill for crafting catchy, soul-stirring melodies. For six years, this young Recording Artist and Songwriter has been travelling the globe, collaborating with writers & producers from LA to London, Amsterdam to Stockholm - writing pop songs for herself and other artists, finding her voice & honing her skill.

Her bold European-like sound is influenced by the drama of cinematic orchestra, 80's rock band anthemic melodies, a hint of unapologetic electronic Artpop like Lady Gaga - and wild soundscapes akin to Florence + the machine. Outside of writing, recording and arranging her own music, she works with writer and producer Oliver Lundstrom (James Arthur, producer X Factor UK, Faouzia) to bring her striking universal tunes to life. She made her Debut last year with her first single ‘Indiana’, followed by the powerful ballad ‘What Did I Do to You’, which lead her to be selected as a Semi-Finalist for the 2020 International Songwriting Competition (both tracks produced by Oliver Lundstrom, and written & recorded by Madison).


Reviewed by Nagamag on December 9, 2021