Marci – Pass Time

“Such music very quickly leaves a mark in memory and sounds in the head constantly, like a virus that crept under your skin, and medicines do not exist. Lamp indie pop from the amazing -marci-, which will remain inside you forever.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такая музыка очень быстро оставляет след в памяти и звучит в голове постоянно, словно вирус, который закрался вам под кожу, а лекарства от него не существует. Ламповый Indie Pop от потрясающей -Marci-, который останется внутри вас навсегда.”

Marci – the solo project of TOPS’ Marta Cikojevic – presents “Pass Time,” the latest single/video from her forthcoming debut self-titled album, out August 5th on Arbutus Records. Marci also announces a London headline show at London’s Laylow on 10 August.

Cikojevic’s velvety vocals are a focal point throughout Marci, a compassionate companion whether she’s having a laugh or relating tough truths sympathetically, as is the case on today’s “Pass Time.” In Cikojevic’s words, “Pass Time” is a song about “recognizing the same cycles you’ve put yourself in, and finding a way out. Trying to snap out of a bad habit, even when it feels so good.” “Pass Time” follows last month’s “Terminal,” “another timeless, immaculate groove” (Gorilla vs. Bear), and the previously shared “Immaterial Girl” and “Entertainment,” and is presented alongside a video directed by Marci herself.

Produced by Cikojevic’s TOPS bandmate David Carriere, the songs comprising Marci are thoughtfully arranged, with plenty of space allowing each element to shine independently. Carrierre and Cikojevic approached Marci with the idea that they wanted to craft hits—songs that were catchy and danceable while still being emotionally honest and down-to-earth. The result is a guileless collection of synth pop songs that brim with unabashed sincerity. Marci is about finding catharsis in all its forms, whether it be through a crying session behind closed doors or the euphoria that hits when you hear your favorite song on the radio.

Marci was put together over the course of a year in a Montreal apartment reminiscent of a 1993 pawnshop, full of synthesizers and obscure instruments dating back to the 1980s. The songs were written on Rhodes and bass and then fleshed out with harmonies, guitars, samplers, and FM and analogue synthesizers—and a little help from their friends. Rounding out the band on Marci are Mitch Davis, Rene Wilson, Austin Tufts (Braids) on drums, and Chloé Soldevila (Anemone), Adam Byczkowski (Better Person) and Jane Penny (TOPS) on backing vocals.

This fall, Marci will kick off her debut solo North American tour, starting in Montreal on Sat. Oct. 8th. She’ll play Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto before wrapping up the tour in Los Angeles on Fri. Oct. 28th. A full list of dates are below.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 20, 2022