Marius Billgobenson – Wait and See (Spotify)

“A refreshing take on some sweet summertime Jazzy grooves. The fuzzed out Organ sounds so good. Very well produced by top notch talent. Balanced and matured. ”

Stockholm, Sweden-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Marius Billgobenson’s seeks to spread unity, compassion, understanding, hope and love in latest album offering ‘The Spirit Love’ - A refreshing, soul-stirring eleven song infusion of jazz, blues, pop, R&B and afro-beat that captures dynamic rhythms and vocal sounds indigenous to his homeland of the Congo. Whilst bending and blending the lines between genres, the globally conscious album also serves to empower and support his work as a compassionate and concerned citizen of the world, and strives to bridge the gap between deep-rooted cultural divides.

Speaking on the album, Marius explains “The Spirit Love is all about the way we experience the feeling of being alive, being ourselves and offering our unique gifts to others. We remember the life source of energy in The Spirit Love, because you exist just as a consequence of love. All of the positive impact you have had in loving and strengthening your loved ones may reveal memories that make you feel strong and happy.”

The album comprises eleven eclectic and deeply personal tracks that are grounded in his own words “in the completeness of gratitude in my heart”, whilst exploring love in it’s many different facets, with the goal of inviting and motivating more “Love Spreaders” for change.

Having written the most part of the album himself, Marius also called upon the musical talent of guitarist and hitmaker Paul Brown to produce both leading single “Joy” and “Wait and See,” as well as employing the production prowess of urban jazz chart topper Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis across 6 other tracks.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 15, 2021