Mathias Gundhus – Your Return

“The sound of Mathias Gundhus draws vague horizons, ephemeral nature and blurred edges. Music that is incredibly balanced in form and content and is revealed to us exactly when it is necessary, creating a special riveting result.”

“Музыка -Mathias Gundhus- рисует расплывчатые горизонты, эфемерность которых мгновенно размывает все грани. Музыка невероятно выверена по форме и содержанию и раскрывается перед нами ровно в те моменты, когда это необходимо, создавая особый эффект погружения.”

Mathias Gundhus is releasing his debut EP "Now Would Be A Good Time", and "Your Return" will be the focus track on this EP.

In a world built of soothing fingerpicked guitar, silk soft vocals and folk inspired storytelling, Mathias Gundhus delivers music that floats into the universe of legends like Sufjan Stevens, The Tallest Man on Earth and The Passenger.

With a theme surrounding love and relationships, Mathias have made a musical package highlighting the organic, with the acoustic guitar focused. From the soothing I Could Love You in Another Life, to the powerful Your Return, the EP is filled with calm melodies and depictions of Mathias’ own personal experiences, perfectly fitted for every person with a soft spot for calm, descriptive music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 15, 2022