Matthew Ryan Jacobs – Grace

“Atmospheric and dizzying song with beautiful style and exceptional work from "Matthew Ryan Jacobs". The music takes you to a temple on the edge of the mountains where the midday sun rises. Its powerful guitar riffs and vocals will cause you an adrenaline rush.”

“Атмосферная и головокружительная песня, красивая музыкальная стилистика исполнителя и исключительная харизма. Музыка отправляет вас в храм, стоящий на краю гор, где восходит полуденное солнце. Мощные гитарные риффы и вокал вызывают выброс адреналина в кровь!”

“”Grace” was once again recorded with Ben Kempel, usually I send him a demo version and then we go through and add our parts. I’ve typically played most of the guitars and Ben took care of the drums, bass, piano…but for this one the playing is all mostly done by Ben. We have a good relationship that way, whoever’s parts end up working better for the song is what is kept. This was one of those songs that I wrote in what seemed like 10 minutes. Sent it to Ben, he put the music together, I came by and sang it, and done!” – Matthew Ryan Jacobs

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 28, 2022