Max Boyle – Bad For Me

“The multi-artist Max Boyle drops a new Indie Pop single putting the bar even higher in music production. Crystal clear mix of rhythmic and melodic elements that shift around the lyrical part. Also that spicy vocal performance can keep you listening until the last second.”

Toledo, OH-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Max Boyle, has been making huge strides with his soulful vocals and relatable songwriting. Boyle jumped into the spotlight in 2019 when he landed in the Top 13 in Season 17 of NBC’s The Voice, coached by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. On his performances, Country Living praised, “We think [he] could be the next Ed Sheeran.” Now, the indie pop/soul artist is set to release the lead single, “Bad For Me," out August 26th ahead of his sophomore EP, due out September 23rd, a follow-up to his May 2019 debut EP Something to Hold.

Aside from his time on The Voice, Boyle has garnered over 2 million streams to date, with his song “Angel” topping the list at 1.4 million streams. Some of Max’s other notable accomplishments include performing on stage with Mike Posner at the University of Dayton (Boyle’s alma mater), singing the “National Anthem” at major events such as the Detroit Lions’ Game, and headlining the opening concert for the Promedica Winter Concert Series at the Peristyle Theater at The Toledo Museum of Art.

HIs talent for music runs in his family. Boyle “grew up in a musical family" and "loved singing in the spotlight" as a child. As he got older, he began to focus more on sports and hid his artistic side—until he was benched after breaking his arm during his freshman year of high school. The setback turned into an opportunity for him to rediscover his love of music and he posted a video of himself singing on Facebook. His coach saw it and urged Boyle to join the school choir, and he quickly became the lead soloist. And after catching the songwriting bug over a few years, he made a move to Nashville in early 2020 where he has been crafting his latest and greatest music.

A skilled instrumentalist, empathetic songwriter, and refined vocalist, Max Boyle’s talent is holistic and obvious. Perfectly hitting the mark for stripped-down, thoughtful folk songs as well as up-beat, sun-drenched pop drivers, he shows clear mastery of his craft and will certainly continue making a name for himself as an exciting new voice in post-pandemic Nashville and in the world of contemporary music at large.

Stay tuned for more releases leading up to the new EP out this Fall and his live performance on August 30th at Huntington Center in his hometown.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on September 3, 2022