Michael Crean – Just for Now

“An emotionally impactful and discreetly intense single has just arrived from Michael Crean. Deep and somehow dark Folktronica sound that evolves within mystery. The lyrics have a true meaning and performed in characteristic way too. Consider watching the clip for the full artistic experience!”


Just for Now is the intimate 3rd single from Michael Crean. A dream-like composition about searching for temporary serenity. Through cascading strings parts and manipulated vocal samples, the song summons both a dark and hopeful atmosphere.

Crean wrote and recorded all the parts from his shed during 2021’s lockdown.

‘Just for Now’ has already been described as ‘a track so good that you can’t help but listen to again and again’ by Hotvox

Crean’s first two solo releases have been described as; ‘Multilayered [and] emotional’ by Glasse House, ‘Enigmatic and Intriguing’ by Electric Sound of Joy and listed in When The Horn Blows weekly top tracks.

After releasing the track last month, Crean released the music video this week (April 19th). The self directed music video features Lithuanian dancer Erika Sviderskyte and is shot on the Eastern coast of England.

Crean will be playing at the renowned Camden Assembly on Saturday April 23rd to celebrate the release.

Michael will also be releasing his 4th single ‘Silence’ on May 6th.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 27, 2022