Brandon Jenner – Till the Day We Die

“Impressive inner energy, which comes from this track. Unique and instantly memorable Retro Soul, with a beautiful rhythmic pattern and stunning immersion atmosphere! Such music can be listened with cold winter evenings, and under the bright rays of the sun, with a favorite cocktail in his hands. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Впечатляет внутренняя энергия, которая исходит от этого трека. Уникальный и мгновенно запоминающийся Retro Soul, с красивым ритмическим рисунком и потрясающей атмосферой погружения! Такую музыку можно слушать и холодным зимними вечерами, так и под яркими лучами солнца, с любимым коктейлем в руках.”

Brandon Jenner’s music feels like a lot of different things—often all at once. In some ways, it’s like your childhood best friend disclosing an important truth by the glow of a beach bonfire. In other ways, it’s like the moment you stop worrying about what other people think and can laugh and smile anywhere without apology. Says Jenner, "I wrote this song about the deep love and loyalty I have toward my wife. It’s about ignoring the advice that one should learn to live by themselves before committing to a relationship. The truth is, no other person outside of our marriage knows what it is like to live in such bliss and therefore cannot give any legitimate advice. Our bond is sacred. Our bond is powerful. Our bond is permanent. Our bond will exist till the day we die."

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 27, 2022