“This song if had hands would be a warm hug from your loved one that goosepumb your whole body, when beautiful cinematic music, soft grooves and vocals with strong warm character join forces. Know your next love song here.”

KNOW YOUR LOVE describes one of many online dates that was meant to serve as a desperate attempt to numb the throbbing loneliness - but this time the strange suddenly feels familiar ...

How come you're just a stranger
Somehow I know your love

The deep baritone of the verses and the soft sounds of the string orchestra give KNOW YOUR LOVE something that you won't forget and that grabs you and takes you in. A dull hopelessness that has almost been accepted as a dark companion threatens to gain the upper hand. The use of the reverby indie guitar chords and the subtle percussion elements support the voice in the chorus as it leaps over two octaves - deep-seated disappointment turns into hopeful confidence.

The cinematic 'CHAMBER POP' number, produced by Maxi Menot, appears as part of the LISTEN TO BERLIN compilation and shows the singer, songwriter and violinist, detached from the tracks of his debut EP, from another, completely new side. MKSM shows how many sides and moods alternative indie pop can have.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 30, 2020

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