Prismatic Mantis – Ball of Light (Spotify)

“Brilliant sound design which breaths and lush layering of many influences, acoustic instruments and synths, from electronica chill to rock and the positive sensational vocals, all together giving a strong sound experience and with listeners who love the details a place where details are full and with more listens you discover more.”

"Ball of Light" is a sonic exposition to remind us of our unified origin. Production began in 2014 and has just been released. Self produced and refined to precise measurements, this Alt-Pop track is somehow in 15/8 and presents as an electronica chill out while also utilizing Math/Indie Rock principles. It ponders the Magical Force that this world fits within. We all share the same desire to ultimately feel peaceful, joyful, and creative. To be in a state of inspiration; in spirit... May this track reach far and wide to spread this positive message and provide inspiration to many.

The sonic vision of Prismatic Mantis, the moniker of multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Mark Reynolds, is one that is impossible to pin succinctly down. Strongly influenced by Nature, Sacred Geometry and the Cosmos, Reynolds’ homogeneously progressive material flickers between downtempo electronica and slightly left-of-center fusion rock.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 30, 2020