Nan Avant x Royal Scottish National Orchestra x David Watkin – Tributum: For Celtic Bagpipes and Orchestra (Spotify)

“It is difficult to describe in words the whole storm of emotions that this great work causes. Emotional wave, which practically hits you and drives into this epic, orchestral cycle. Beautiful, live and ideal for everyone who needs music!”

“Сложно описать словами всю ту бурю эмоций, которую вызывает это грандиозное произведение! Эмоциональный шквал, который практически поглощает вас и погружает в этот эпический, оркестровый круговорот. Красивая, живая, а главное так необходимая каждому музыка!”

LEGENDS AND LIGHT VOL. 2 from Navona Records leaves no stone unturned. From the vast expansiveness of the open sea to the microscopic particles of our world’s chemical makeup, this follow-up to 2018’s LEGENDS AND LIGHT is an ambitious collection of new works for large ensemble performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Brno Philharmonic. In this album, seven composers offer their insights into the components of our world through music, with works highlighting cultures, locations, forces of nature, and human life. While many of the pieces are arranged for orchestral ensembles, listeners will also find Scottish Great Highland bagpipes and Irish Uilleann pipes featured on the album, offering a deeply rewarding listening experience.

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 26, 2022