“-Nicole Catherine- with her skillful and reflective vocals on -Tears For Tomorrow- spreads her warmness, especially when the verse comes, like a warm blanket in a cold winter. Carefully selection of keys and beats that support perfect this angelic voice. ”

Nicole Catherine shared few words about her new song: ‘Tears for Tomorrow’ is all about the importance of vulnerability and the importance of having hope for the future. I wrote the song as a way for myself to get my feelings onto paper. I would describe the song overall as more of a sad song, however, the meaning behind the song is positive. I would say that Halsey and Billie Eilish are my main influences when it comes to music. I love the way Halsey writes her songs, and turns each of her songs into a beautiful story. I love the production in every one of Billie’s songs, and the dynamics in the vocals.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
October 31, 2020

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