“REGGAE is the genre that wants to give your soul without a return. You know that his atmosphere will satisfy all your needs for music – will calm down, dispel all problems and take away harmony and the world with him into his world. This track from -noya sol is an ideal way to relax and relax.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Reggae тот жанр, которому хочется отдать свою душу без возврата. Ты знаешь, что его атмосфера удовлетворит все твои потребности в музыке — успокоит, развеет все проблемы и унесёт вместе с собой в свой мир гармонии и мира. Этот трек от -Noya Sol- идеальный способ для того, чтобы расслабиться и отдохнуть.”

In her new single – Confident in Myself, the Israeli Blues Princess Noya Sol turns to a different style music : The REGGAE!

“Confident in Myself” is a song full of confidence, faith and path faiths as it suitable for one who creates her own independent way in the Israeli music world.

This song was written inspired by Bob Marley’s spiritual definition which underestimates the material richness and highlights the personal fulfillments of man.

The songs markers Noya’s rare ability to give herself to every genre without losing her strengths and her identity.

Noya’s voice which has successfully matched with different covers of Blues singers like Bessie Smith, decorates the new song with Jamaican touches – as it accepted to the songs’ inspiration based on classic Reggae elements but with actual sound and today’s instruments.

“Confident in Myself” is a first preparation to Noya’s fifth album.

On her first albums, Noya turned to the beginning of the Black music, from the early 1920’s and to the New Orleans Dixieland’s classic sound.

Even on her latest album she was in a search of a more actual sound.

On her new album which is about to be released soon she’s widening her musical space but still she keeps the good spirit which she has brought to the blues.

lyrics: Noya Sol

Composer: Noya Sol and Moti Dror

Production: Noya Sol and Dan Tzipori

Backing singers and voice arrangements: Matan Oved, Yuval Idisis, Shira Eliser, Dor Sinouani

Trumpet: Avior Pharmac

Cover illustration: Omer Porat

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
October 4, 2022

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