NTHN – Last Year (Spotify)

“"NTHN" unfolds his talent in this cool two-minute production. Favourite Cloud Hop style with fast and powerful vocals, followed by elusive pads and bold drum patterns. Welcome the new year with "Last Year"!”


Artist said few words for his inspiration here:

"Last Year is a euphoric catchy cloud rap track reflecting on the last year, the good and the bad, with an undertone of hope for the next one.


It's one that I wrote while reflecting on my own experience throughout the year and its challenges but soon realised would be very relatable for others, so I decided to turn it into a more upbeat track and hopefully unify some listeners who relate to the message! It's completely self-produced/recorded/mixed/mastered and I'm aiming to also get a lot of my friends/fans involved in the music video with some home footage style videos in a montage of the last year."



Reviewed by Nagamag on January 6, 2022

Categories: Audio, Hip-Hop, The Latest