Paramita Ambient, Wendy Panoah – Clarity (Spotify)

“Atmospheric work rich in dense, three-dimensional layering. which set us inside the sound and feelings of ambient.”

“Атмосферная работа -Clarity- с одноимённого EP богата на густые, объёмные слои. Именно таким мы видим, чувствуем и принимаем окружающий нас ambient. ”

Produced by Paramita Ambient, Wendy Panoah is a French composer of "Ambient Music" and relaxing music. They unveil the second single from their first EP “Clarity” which will be released on January 15, 2021. This second track is a soothing instrumental music recorded and tuned in “LA 432Hz”, a frequency close to nature ideal for relaxation, a yoga or meditation session with music! Artist similar to Chama Wijnen, EON NOIRE, Peter B. Helland, Alex Couture, Moon Oceans, Cooper Sams.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 1, 2021