PELOWSKA – Overrated

“Deep dark and beautiful. She captures it all so well and releases it into manifestation. A surprising heavenly voice emerges from the darkness and sheds light on the future. The steady build up of the track is executed with perfection. Its electronica with a heart and a downtempo hybrid flavor we adore. ”

Artist said about this song:

“Lockdown. We’re writing a song, it’s nearly ready. One Sunday night and a full glass of red wine spilled on my laptop… everything is lost! ‘You will never be able to recreate that tune’ I hear. ‘Well, we’ll see’ I think to myself. Hours spent on listening back to sounds I made trying to replicate each one of them, figure out notes I jammed late at night led by my instincts and the feelings I couldn’t shake off. Finally, the song is ready. It took us a while but we didn’t give up. Let’s not give up on our dreams.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 21, 2022