Bre Kennedy – Thick Skin (Acoustic)

“There is a feeling of flying above the clouds, while inside you something comes to life and blooms with scarlet flower bouquets. Music which -like the sea- lets you into its waters and sways on its waves. Chic, Indie Pop, with a charming manner of performance.”

“Возникает ощущение, будто ты взлетаешь выше облаков и внутри тебя что-то оживает и расцветает алыми букетами цветов. Музыка, которая словно море, впускает тебя в свои воды и покачивает на своих волнах. Шикарный, акустический indie pop, с очаровательной манерой исполнения.”

Nettwerk Music Group is excited to announce the signing of Bre Kennedy, a Nashville-based singer and songwriter who creates music soaked in rich, timeless storytelling with innate pop sensibilities. Her latest single, “Thick Skin (Acoustic),” is a moving acoustic version of the triumphant anthem from her debut album, Note To Self, which she self-released in October 2021. Themes of self-growth, reflection, and over-coming shine through even more brightly with this stripped-back recording. It is one of four songs from her upcoming EP Note To Self (Acoustic), set for release on April 15th. “Thick Skin (Acoustic)” is available tomorrow at all digital retailers here.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 21, 2022