Penny Roox – Heartache (Spotify)

“"Heartache" has a certain charm and magic melodiousness of the lightest kind. Beautiful acoustic composition with very strong and expressive vocals.This single from Penny Roox creates an unforgettable mood and practically disarms with its energy!”

“Трек обладает определённым шармом и волшебной мелодичностью, который собрал в себе всё самое светлое, доброе и вечное. Красивая акустическая композиция с очень сильным и выразительным вокалом! Создаёт незабываемое настроение и практически обезоруживает своей энергетикой!”

On her fourth single, Heartache, Roox’s voice takes center stage. Focused on the misery of a heavy heart, the song is polished and luxurious, guided by jazzy instrumentals and her characteristically smoky vocals. Accompanied by melancholic Elvis-like backing vocals, this ballad suits the mood of autumn perfectly.

Penny Roox is a 25 year-old serenader based in the Netherlands. Armed with her alluring voice and touching songs, she is searching for the truth through her daydreams, longing to find beauty in tragedy.

Her debut single Mean released on January 22, 2021. Mean was added in several big Spotify lists from her hometown, The Netherlands ("New Music Friday NL", "Made In NL” and "Stay Tuned!") and was also noticed internationally (Fresh Finds”, Spotify US, 738k followers and Fresh Finds: Indie, Spotify US, 78k followers).

Mean caught the eye of several big radiostations (Radio 2, Radio 1, 3FM) and DJs (Leo Blokhuis, Giel Beelen, Rob Stenders) based in The Netherlands, but also Belgium followed quickly with airplay on StuBru.

With her second single Sad Sad Dreams, she sings about dreaming of having a lover, but to wake up and find out you’re still lonely. Influenced by the likes of Elvis Presley, Joni Mitchell, and Chet Atkins, Roox’s old-soul jazziness that’s evident on both her singles gives modern-day music the individuality it needs. Soulful guitars and easy-going melodies juxtapose the song’s message.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 28, 2021