“Good build up for this song, from lush guitars from the star, vocals that drives you away even further, changing guitar themes, saxophone in perfect harmony, with amazing rhythm section, song will lift you up along with your day. ”

Experience Sonic Purity With The New Track “Fall” by Phil Firetog Trio & Co. For over five years, Phil Firetog Trio & Co. has been creating captivating and harmonious tunes. They make some of the twenty-first century’s most exciting and dynamic music by combining brass instruments, woodwinds, rock guitar, and close vocals.
“Fall” begins with a soft guitar harmony, opening the door for Firetog’s beautiful and emotional voice. Firetog begins with“Lift me up, love; don’t ever let me fall,”giving listeners goosebumps before the instrumentals and a catchy tune kick in.
The upbeat drums, moody keys, a John Mayer-like guitar, and even some brass come out to play and are incorporated in a resonant way with impressive vocal performances. Each instrument and line perfectly fills the gaps left by the last.
A brief verse is a sung between the choruses. The bridge that doubled as the intro vocals again primes the listener for an epic and triumphant chorus. The band’s synergy is impeccable.
Listening to this song makes you want to“tumble down that rabbit hole”into the discography Phil and his bandmates provided. “Fall” is immense and unshakable, pushing the band to greater heights within the sphere.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
October 5, 2022

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