Samatha – The forest calls me back into her womb (Video)

“Lay back with your favourite drink, wear headphones and take a deep breath. Wide electronic sound pads mixed with elusive vocal samples creating a unique atmosphere. Samantha is calling us into her deep ambience and it’s impossible to resist!”

Samatha is the ambient moniker of Belgian artist Gert Stockmans, also active in postrock/shoegaze band A Place In Between and as a music photographer. With this project he wants to touch different states of mind through sonic exploration. The latest single, The Forest Calls Me Back Into Her Womb, deals with facing demons of the past that keep you from being your true self in the present. It’s the first time he uses vocal samples to enhance the atmosphere of his music. An edited version of the single was used in the moody videoclip which tries to translate the underlying message visually.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 26, 2022