Sarah Tay – Backseat (Spotify)

“The song -Backseat- is exactly what you expect in cold, sultry evenings. Bright, incredibly positive vocal opera singer -Sarah Tay- with a very energetic melody provide us a lot of pleasure while listening.”

“Песня -Backseat- именно то, чего так ожидаешь холодными, знойными вечерами. Яркий, невероятно позитивный вокал оперной певицы -Sarah Tay- и мелодичная, но весьма энергичная мелодия доставит уйму удовольствия при прослушивании.”

Artist shared with us few thoughts behind this inspiration: "This song rose out of a need to understand and discover who I am and what I'm meant to accomplish in life. I am a mirror image identical twin, and therefore thought I was destined to not only be in competition with others, but with someone I have always been told IS me. This song has become more than its original intent, leading me into the realization that you are allowed to BE. There is no competition, and never has been. You are only in the backseat of your life so long as you decide to stay there."

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 2, 2021