“-Savi kaboo- creates something incredible with its vocal. It is not one else and has its own unique atmosphere, in which you plunge and is sinking in it. Good Chillwave for good people.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Savi Kaboo- творит нечто невероятное со своим вокалом. Он непохож ни на один другой и обладает своей уникальной атмосферой, в которую погружаешься и тонешь в нём. Хороший Chillwave для хороших людей.”


Deep bass waves, guitar and synth sampling, eerie and bittersweet chord progressions, and some old-school kick drum beats. That is the essence of ‘Blew It’ – making the best cocktail out of somber melodies and the magical sound of the Rhodes piano. Of course, Savi’s vocal lines are the cherry on top.

The song has a considerable array of sound effects twinkled in various places.

“Blew It” brings a strong message about the past being ever-present in our lives, shaping us into what we are and ultimately what we might become. Tread carefully because the people around you make all the difference during hardships