Scott Tyler Schwartz – Guinea Pig (Spotify)

“Very light, romantic, warm and pleasant song. Characteristic approach in the construction of the melody and the general sound synthesis has been followed. The vocals can cause the most pure, warm and soothing emotions. True musical therapy!”

“Песня вышла очень лёгкой, романтичной, такой тёплой и приятной. Особенно радует насколько трепетно автор и исполнитель трека подошёл к построению мелодии и общему синтезу звука. Вокал вызывает самые искренние эмоции, согревает и успокаивает. Настоящая музыкальная терапия!”

Scott Tyler Schwartz is the frontman of The Shadowboxers, a harmony-singing pop/soul trio from Atlanta, GA. In their decade together, the band has recorded and toured with artists ranging from the Indigo Girls to Justin Timberlake, and in 2019 they wrote and recorded their first self-produced, full-length album, which they released the following year. It was during this time that Scott felt the need for individual artistic expression, and began the process of defining what that would look like. Then came the pandemic of 2020, and locked down at home with his guitar and a mic, Scott began to write and record himself from his basic home studio. What began as harmless songwriting and simple productions morphed into a soulful singer/songwriter finding his real voice, and learning how to record it. Guinea Pig is Scott's debut release as a SOLO artist.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 20, 2021