“Never give up on the way to your seemingly impossible dreams. Regardless of the cold wind and chilly rain, remember that on the way to the event horizon, you will be rewarded. Thank you Skinny Dyck for remind us this, we shall keep dreaming until we make true most of our dreams! ”

“Никогда не сдавайся на пути к своим, казалось бы, несбыточным мечтам. Каким бы не был холодный ветер и обжигающий прохладой дождь, помни, что по пути к горизонту событий тебя ждёт вознаграждение.”

An earworm loving driving song that leans on a twangy Duane Eddy like hook and takes advantage of indie rock sensibilities.

A discerning purveyor of hot twang and battered heart honky tonk, Skinny Dyck is equal parts revivalist and visionary. “I love Haggard” remarks Skin; both elbows on some hotel bar in Alberta. An apprentice of the pedal steel guitar and an inventive penman of song, the obvious country music influences don’t serve to demystify his talents. The debut full length LP “Get To Know Lonesome” sets the bar for lank, loser country that stays honest to its guts

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 17, 2020

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