Solo – Cristina Alcívar (Video Oficial) (Video)

“Listen to Cristina Alcívar in this interesting Neo-Soul production. The artist has given great emphasis in singing and clearly aims to an emotional approach. Sensitive voice, melancholic touch and some taste of fast outbrakes.”

Solo is a single that denotes a melancholic and deep atmosphere. They highlight soulful vocal riffs, the natural crunch sound of the guitar and an evident instrumental and vocal growth. The theme immerses us in an environment of vulnerability that starts from innocence and fragility until it leads us to a more mature and strong reality.

Solo es un single que denota una atmósfera melancólica y profunda. Resaltan soul riffs vocales, el sonido natural crunch de la guitarra y un evidente crecimiento instrumental y vocal. El tema nos sumerge en un ambiente de vulnerabilidad que parte de la inocencia y fragilidad hasta llevarnos a una realidad mas madura y fuerte.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 1, 2021