Stevie Cornell – Turn It All Around

“We all know that music can affect everything around us. Stevie Cornell addresses us through the melody of his soul, enriching and nourishing our hearts, with every second revealing to the listener new horizons of his immense talent.”

“Музыка, как и всё в этом мире, способна перевернуть всё вокруг нас. -Stevie Cornell- обращается к нам через мелодию своей души, обогащая и питая наши сердца, с каждой секундой приоткрывая слушателю новые горизонты своего необъятного таланта.”

Stevie Cornell is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Santa Rosa California. He got his start in the vibrant SF punk scene in the 1970s and later played in the popular Bay Area Bands “The Movie Stars” and “ Red Meat” before moving to the hills of Vermont to teach guitar and raise a family. He never stopped writing songs and is back in Northern California embarking on a solo career.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 14, 2022