“Imagine a great film which starts with a music box, a hand tunes it and its blisful harmonies start to unfold, sparks of notes which become an emotional flame. Thisis Moments I: A Spark Becomes A Flame by Forever now, a deep cinematic classical, emotive with modern sound design.”


The Forever Now is the solo project of Filipino/Canadian in Denmark Monty de Luna with frequent collaborator Lauren Austin among others. Started in 2011 as “W I N C H E S T E R” from Winchester St. in Toronto, the duo carved out a cinematic indie synth-rock niche with their debut EP “If Time is Not Linear, Why Can’t I Forget the Past”. Now, after relocating to Denmark, Monty is back on his own with Lauren as a frequent collaborator, bringing a new collection of pop singles featuring organic textures, and lush harmonies.