The Pinkerton Raid – Sometimes, Brothers

“A simple and easy to understand the composition in the genre of Indie Folk, containing a deep, philosophical meaning. It helps to think about important things in our lives and, perhaps, change something in it for the better. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Простая и лёгкая для понимания композиция в жанре Indie Folk, содержащая в себе глубокий, философский смысл. Помогает задуматься о важных вещах в нашей жизни и, возможно, что-то изменить в ней в лучшую сторону.”

"Sometimes, Brothers" comes from that experience where someone you love is suffering, and there's a lot of miles between you, and the distance means that you can't fully understand the pain they're in, much less do anything about it. It's that feeling of big empathy and big helplessness. -- Jesse James DeConto, acoustic guitar + lead vocals

Scott McFarlane - drumkit

Jonathan DePue - bass

David Wimbish - audio production + piano + organ

Charlie Humphrey - trumpet

Caroline DeConto, Steven DeConto, Katie DeConto, Sarah Shearin, Tori Elliott-Gingerich, Derek Skeen, Fleming Talton - additional vocals

Kevin Williams- additional production

Adam Gonsalves/Telegraph - mastering

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 30, 2022