Yann Loisel – Roaming Lion

“The beach flooded with sunlight and the coastal cafe at the ocean, in the atmosphere of which the rhythm and the REGAE melody sounds. One of those tracks that fills the heart with warmth and helps to get rid of any negative thoughts. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Залитый солнечным светом пляж и прибрежное кафе у океана, в атмосфере которого звучит ритм и мелодия Reggae. Один из тех треков, который наполняет сердце теплом и помогает избавиться от любых негативных мыслей.”


Roaming Lion is the second single from Yann Loisel’s debut LP. After the release of Down By The River, this second track delivers a deeper glance into Yann Loisel’s music. Definitively roots, Roaming Lion features deep verses based on a heavy bass-line, completed by uplifting and positive hooks. Tribuman’s powerful horns give the final touch to this energetic track, navigating between steady parts and dynamic grooves.

The first single, Down By The River, was released on the 25th of March. The video clip was premiered on Reggaeville and has already been played on numerous radio shows around the world. Several singles will be dropped before the album release, scheduled for this summer.


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 7, 2022