Yonatan Rukhman – That Feeling (Spotify)

“Lush fat hats in this funky house theme "That Feeling" taken from new ep "Hot Mess" at Irma Dancefloor and through its electronic synth layering and choir sample its a good mood vibes engagor to start the party of a promising night.”


Funk, house & retro vibes blend together in Yonatan's new EP, creating a hot mess of beats, synths & samples. Israeli, naturalized Italian & based in Tel Aviv, Yonatan Rukhman fuses the funk with his love for the club. Following his debut EP in Hebrew last winter, Yonatan decides to do one for the dancefloor and unleashes his club verve with a blend of jackin' beats and vintage samples served with a cool gentle flavour. "That Feeling" features a 1955 choir sample by Roye Goodrich, giving the electronic synths layer a smooth and dreamy vibe.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 8, 2020