Akiyoshi Yasuda – even (Spotify)

“One unique feature of Ambient is that it is able to immerse the listener in a matter of seconds. The track -Even- possesses a surprising sound timbre modulation. Incredible atmospheric and enveloping creation.”

“Уникальная особенность жанра Ambient в том, что он способен погрузить слушателя за считанные секунды. Трек -Even- обладает удивительной модуляцией звукового тембра. Невероятно атмосферное и обволакивающее творение.”


Akiyoshi Yasuda is an instrumental artist who brings beauty and transience to electronic sounds and the sound of noise to color a variety of emotions. His first new album in two years, memento -day1, is an EP with the influence of ambient drones and environmental music. This is the first project in which I will record my memories as a memento (a small memento that I keep to remember past experiences and events) as my own lifelog. Nippon TV anime '3D She's Real Girl', NHK drama 'Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru. He has expanded into many fields such as producing the music of. In addition, under the name of ★STAR GUiTAR, he has collaborated with artists such as fox capture plan, Schroeder-Headz, Hiroko Sobu, etc., and under the name of SiZK, he has worked with AAA, Sexy Zone, etc. as a composer and arranger.


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 10, 2021