Ali Cashius Jr – Bismillah

“In the new HIP-Hop single-ALI Cashius JR-the whole emphasis on working with vocals. It is a pleasure to listen to him, the professionalism, talent and charisma of the performer immediately captured. The melody immersing in the atmosphere and the lyrical text even more make a real hit from this track!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В новом Hip-Hop сингле -Ali Cashius Jr- весь акцент на работе с вокалом. Слушать его одно удовольствие, сразу улавливается профессионализм, талант и харизма исполнителя. Погружающая в атмосферу мелодия и лирический текст ещё больше делают из этого трека настоящий хит!”

Bismillah, which translates to God, the merciful and compassionate, is an open prayer Ali dedicated to his father and community. The song, which features a snippet of Mohamed Ali speaking on people refusing to acknowledge his new name and change of faith, which is significant when you compare Cassius Clay who later became Mohamed Ali, with Ali Alghwaizy Jr who later became Ali Cashius Jr.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 4, 2022