Annabel Gutherz – Barcelona (Spotify)

“The musical stream of Acoustic Folk flows like river. There is nothing superfluous in this elegant and beautiful performance. Awesome and very deep composition that needs to be absorbed through yourself to fully realize its beauty!”

“Музыкальный поток акустического фолка льётся словно река, нет ничего лишнего, элегантное и очень красивое исполнение. Потрясающая и очень глубокая композиция, которую нужно пропустить через себя, чтобы в полной мере осознать всю её красоту!”

Annabel Gutherz made her debut in 2018 with the release of “Legends,” a philanthropic song whose proceeds are donated to education-based charities. After spending the past few years honing her musical talents at Berklee College of Music, the young singer-songwriter has come into her own as a promising artist to watch.

Her debut album, Loose Ends, was released in October 2021. The album was received favorably, with tastemakers like Melodic Magazine praising the record as “a pure, intimate coming-of-age album that does well to introduce us to who Annabel is as a person and as an artist.” Over the course of the 11 tracks, Annabel cathartically explores life’s unfinished moments with a diaristic touch. Her ardent and perspective storytelling is on full display as she takes listeners on a journey as she writes from the heart with raw honesty and emotional conviction.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 24, 2021